History of the Apocalypse Church in Madagascar

Date of creation: March 30th, 1996

Object : To preach the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse)
Leader : Pastor MAILHOL André Christian Dieu Donné

He was formely a member of the Adventist church, and was one of the preachers of God’s words. He taught the book of Revelation from door to door and had at first two permanent disciples (brother RAVELOMANTSOA James Chapard and brother RAVELOARISON Jean Pierrot).

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The teaching of the Book of Revelation was broadcasted through Tsioka Vao radio station from the year 1994 to 1995, but was interrupted part-way for some reason not depending on him. The teachings were then made directly at The primary school’s rooms at Ampasanisadoda from June 17th,1995. Around 200 persons attended the teachings.

After the sessions were finished, the disciples asked to be baptized. So, to allow this to be fulfilled, Mr Mailhol André Christian Dieu Donné had to be ordained Pastor on March 28th, 1996 in a Girls’ Reception Center at Behoririka.

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The baptism of the disciples were carried out and around 70 persons offered themselves for it at Soaniaranana-Vontovorona, Antananarivo.

Because of the truth said in the bible, it was difficult for these freshly baptized persons to return to their former church, so they decided to found a church lead by the Pastor Mailhol.

The association was founded according to the order no. 1346/96/FAR/ANT/ASS on December 30th, 1996.
The place of worship every Sabbath was at the Primary School Faravohitra.
The number of interested persons increased and the place of worship was subdivided in three:

  • Primary School Ampasanisadoda
  • Primary School 67 Ha
  • Girls’ Reception Center Behoririka

The student of the book of Revelation(Apocalypse) kept on increasing, so the Association decided to found a Radio Station (Fanambarana Radio Station RFA 98.4) in 1997. The teachings of the Book of Revelation were broadcasted daily through the Radio station and were sustained by fasting for seven Sabbaths by the members.
As a result, 676 persons offered themselves and were baptized on September 20th, 1997 and on October 11th, 1997.
The Places of worship moved:

  • Ankatso (Block 3)
  • Nanisana (Park)
  • Andranotapahina
  • Antsavatsava Itaosy
  • Ambohimarina Itaosy

Address of the Apocalypse Church in Madagascar:

IVO 69 bis Antohomadinika Atsimo
Antananarivo 101- P.O. Box 7562
Tél. (+261) 22 657 87 – 032 02 029 56 – 033 14 064 70 – 034 01 745 13
Mail: pasteur[at]apocalypse-mada.com